Commonwealth Day is celebrated on March  11, 2019 in Canada. It is the annual celebration of the 53 member states that belong to the Commonwealth of Nations. Queen Elizabeth II gives an annual address on Commonwealth Day. If you are in Canada and can’t find your way to Westminster Abbey for the address, here are a few other activities you can engage in:

  1. Go Sight-Seeing
    Commonwealth Day isn’t a widely marketed day in many parts of Canada, but federal government regulations stipulate that the Union Jack is flown alongside the national flag of Canada or at government buildings and premises. Do a bit of sightseeing and go past federal buildings, military bases and airports to get a better sense of the country’s history and government buildings.
  1. Take Your Kids On An Adventure
    While businesses and public transport services are open on Commonwealth Day, schools may be closed because Commonwealth Day often falls in the mid-winter break. Spend the day in one of the many beautiful parks and teach them about Canada’s roots in the Commonwealth.
  1. Go To The Winter At Ontario Place
    The Winter at Ontario Place offers various winter-themed activities, a Winter Light Exhibition and multiple outdoor winter displays. It is free to attend and it is open until March 17, 2019.
  1. Visit The Royal Ontario Museum
    The Royal Ontario Museum, often called “the ROM”, showcases art, culture and nature from around the world and across ages. It is Canada’s largest and most comprehensive museum. There are over 13 million artworks, cultural objects and natural history specimens, featured in 40 gallery and exhibition spaces.
  1. Go On A Culinary Adventure
    What better time to get to know your local culinary landscape than on a celebratory day like Commonwealth Day?

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