Fried chicken is classic comfort food, and it can easily pair up with a wide variety of sides. Your choice of sides could either make the meal even more comforting and decadent or balance it out with a little garden-fresh wholesomeness – or both. Here are five ideas to help you complete your next fried chicken meal. These dishes are capable of endless variations, and you’ll find plenty of recipes online to ensure that you need never make them the same way twice.

1. Bean salad

Three-bean salad, Mexican bean salad, Mediterranean bean salad… The list could go on. Beans are rich in protein and they mix well with a variety of other vegetables and carbs. You may have family members or guests who avoid green salad like the plague, but they’re likely to find bean salad much more palatable. Especially with the right dressing, bean salads can be both tasty and healthy. 

2. Collard greens

Collard greens are a traditional side dish in the southern United States and pair naturally with fried chicken. What’s great about Collard greens is that there are endless ways to prepare them: sauté them with crunchy bacon bits, stir fry them, make a casserole with them. However you choose to cook them, they are a perfect veggie choice to complement your fried chicken.

3. Potato salad

Who doesn’t love potato salad? It’s the carb of choice for barbeques and one of the most popular sides for fried chicken dinners the world over. You can’t go wrong with a standard potato salad, but if you want to spice it up a little, you will find plenty of recipes from which to choose.

4. Mac and cheese

If there is one soul food that can compete with fried chicken for its ability to take the stomach and tastebuds to their happy place, mac and cheese is it. However, they don’t need to compete – there is plenty of room for both on the same plate. Like potato salad, you can make it as simple as you like or add some extras for flavour and variety.  

5. Pasta salad

If you prefer your pasta cold, then add the ingredients of your choice and make a delectable salad with it. Again, the variety of dishes you can prepare with this one common ingredient is astounding – and we’re pretty sure you’ll love them all!

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