The COVID-19 lockdowns have put a damper on most celebrations this year. Whatever events haven’t been cancelled have been placed under heavy restrictions. Hopefully, next year will be different, but in the meantime, there’s no reason to cancel or postpone your celebrations, especially when it comes to ringing in the New Year. You can just as easily have a great time at home with your nearest and dearest. Here are five suggestions to help you make this coming New Year’s Eve a memorable one.

1. Host a small party

You may not be able to throw an epic party like in previous years, but who says you need a lot of people to have a great time?  There is no reason why you can’t host a small get-together with the people to whom you are closest. 

2. Bring out the home videos

As you use the occasion to remember the old and welcome the new, why not take the opportunity to sit down and relive some of your family’s most treasured memories? When was the last time you watched those home videos from years ago? Or maybe you shot new ones in 2020, in which case, now would be the perfect time to watch them together as records of the passing year. 

3. It’s a perfect night for binge-watching

New Year’s Eve is actually the perfect night for being a homebody. The weather’s cold, you can’t really go out like you normally would even if you wanted to this year. You can always turn your attention to that list of movies or series you’ve been dying to watch. Even better, your family and/or friends may have some favourites that you all love to watch together. So settle everyone on the couch, bring out the popcorn and other treats, and let your streaming service of choice do the rest. 

4. Celebrate another country’s New Year

If the kids (or anyone else in the household) won’t make it to midnight, why not move your celebrations forward a bit by celebrating New Year’s with a country in a different time zone? Choose a suitable hour, find a country that will be crossing over into 2021 at that time, and then theme your celebrations accordingly with food, traditions and decorations from your chosen country. 

5. Prepare a festive feast (or order one in)

Whatever else you do, food will be an important part of your celebrations. One food that will fit in with any activities is fried chicken. Why not order in a New Year’s feast from the makers of Vancouver’s best fried chicken? You don’t even need to take much time out from your celebrations: just contact your nearest Church’s Chicken and place your order. Our takeout, drive-through and delivery services will be in full operation on New Year’s Eve. However you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve, make the finest fried chicken in Vancouver a part of the festivities.