Have you ever woken up in a puddle of drool having dreamt of the big bold flavors of fried chicken? (Asking for a friend. obviously!)

Chances are that if the mere mention of crunchy fried chicken gets you salivating, may have an addiction to farm fresh, lovingly prepared, hand-battered poultry.

Fried Chicken Addiction Quiz

Take this quiz to find out if you have a fried chicken addiction. Quickly and honestly select true or false for the statements below:

True False
1. This Valentine’s Day you would prefer a bucket of bone-in chicken to a bouquet of flowers?
2. Your favorite sound is the gentle crackling of perfectly fried chicken skin?
3. The quickest way to dispel lockdown (or any) blues is with a chicken combo?
4. You are willing to risk burning your fingers in the aromatic steam of freshly fried chicken?
5. A week without fried chicken is seven days of hell?
6. You have strong loyalty to a particular cut of chicken, leg, thigh, wing, or breast?
7. The best flavor of birthday cake is… fried chicken tenders?
8. You pride yourself on “eating clean” – eating everything off the chicken bone… and even the odd nibble of the bones too?
9. Fried chicken never lets you down like humans do?
10. You’re first in line whenever a new fried chicken offering is launched?

If you scored five or more trues, you are indeed a fried chicken addict. (If you scored fewer than five, we suggest you head directly to your local branch of Church’s Chicken to be converted.)

Fried Chicken Toronto

Tantalize your taste buds with Toronto’s best fried chicken from Church’s Chicken. Contact us to place your order for pickup or online delivery through Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.