Did you know that May 25th is International Wine Day? Naturally, that leads to the more important question, “what wines pair best with fried chicken?

Wines That Pair Well with Fried Chicken

It took a lot of effort to eat so much crispy yet juicy chicken and drink so much wine, but for you, there is no limit to the lengths we will go… hic!

  1. Without question, the top choice of wine to accompany your next bucket of Church’s Chicken is a sparkling wine. To counter the fatty, salty crunchiness of fried chicken, the bubbly acidity and complementary flavors of sparkling wine make it a perfect pairing.

If you have won the lottery, why not splash out for a bottle of Champagne? While all Champagne is sparkling wine, not all sparkling wine is Champagne. Only if the sparkling wine is made and bottled in the Champagne region of northern France can it be called Champagne – hence the hefty price tag.

Made in the exact same way as Champagne, Spain’s Cava is dry, earthy, and zesty. Italy’s bubbly, Prosecco, is not only more affordable, but also slightly sweeter and fruitier.

Whichever region you choose, opt for a sparkling wine that is fruity but not too sweet when enjoying it with fried chicken.

  1. Coming in a close second is a crisp Riesling. Its blend of acidity and aromatic sweetness cuts through the fattiness of fried chicken while enhancing its umami flavors.
  2. Finally, if red is your color, the savory notes and tannins of a fine Tempranillo is an ideal accompaniment to fried chicken dishes.

Where to Find Wines that Pair Well with Fried Chicken

When pairing wine with fried chicken, Vancouver residents are spoilt for choice thanks to B.C.’s wine country.

According to winebc.com, “B.C. leads the country with nearly 75 wineries producing sparkling wines, and approximately 40 of those are using the traditional, painstaking method used in Champagne production.”

A Riesling from the South Okanagan was named British Columbia’s best wine for 2020.

Various B.C. wineries produce delicious Tempranillos.

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