Toronto’s tribute to the rich history of Hockey’s Holy Grail, the Stanley Cup®, gives you a limited-time opportunity to get hands-on with one of the most famous sports trophies of all time. It all started in 1892, when Lord Stanley of Preston promised to donate a trophy that would be competed for by amateur Canadian hockey teams. Little did he realize just how powerful and magical his gift to the game would prove to be. The silver bowl has taken on far greater meaning over the years, becoming hockey’s most coveted prize; the end goal for every NHL season, and a dream for all whose passion for our national sport runs deep.

Tribute Highlights

  • Original Stanley Cup
    No visit can be complete unless you’ve had your photo taken with hockey’s most coveted trophy!
  • Priceless Treasures
    A collection of rarely displayed artifacts can be seen and enjoyed, including:

    • Stanley Cup pucks dating back to 1901,
    • Rings, watches, and miniature Cups awarded to Stanley Cup champions,
    • Turn-of-the-19th century commemoratives and periodicals on Lord Stanley,
    • Pre-NHL Stanley Cup ribbons and memorabilia,
    • Tools used to craft and engrave the trophy,
    • 90 goalie masks worn by some of the greatest puck stoppers,
    • Interactive games – fans can make the calls on classic games in the TSN/RDS broadcast zone, and
    • A replica of the Montreal Canadians’ dressing room.
  • Interesting Facts
    • No other trophy in professional sports bears the engraved names of the winning team’s players, staff AND management.
    • Each of the five-band barrels offers enough room on the Cup to engrave 13 winning teams, with a limit of 52 engraved names. When all the rings are full, the oldest band (at the top) is removed and preserved at the Hockey Hall of Fame, while a new band is added to the bottom of the Cup.
    • The Cup’s appearance has changed over the years: until the late 1940s it had a cigar-like shape that earned it the nickname of “the Stovepipe Cup”. A redesign transformed it into a two-piece trophy with a removable bowl and collar until its now iconic, one-piece design was introduced in 1958.
  • Event Details
    Catch this limited-time tribute which ends December 31, 2018 at the Hockey Hall of Fame, 30 Yonge, Toronto, Ontario.

Cultural Icons

The Stanley Cup® has become the embodiment of a winter sport that is at the heart of some of the proudest moments in our nation’s history! What better way to celebrate 125 years of hockey’s greatest treasure with Church’s Chicken. Like the iconic Stanley Cup, our fried chicken is fast becoming a revered taste icon. Drop by for your order of the best darn fried chicken – your family (and taste-buds) will thank you.