Enjoying the outdoors during the outbreak

Fortunately, you can enjoy fried chicken in Toronto parks for an outdoor picnic, but social distancing of at least two metres from anyone outside your household or social circle is still required. Church’s Chicken would like you and your loved ones to be safe when outdoors, so keep the following suggestions [...]

Habits to transform your mindset during lockdown

New habits must be created during the lockdown to maintain a positive mindset. Fortunately, ordering your favorite fried chicken from Church’s Chicken in Vancouver has always been a good habit. If you want to transform your mindset during the lockdown, consider the following. Develop a routine at home Before lockdown, everyone [...]

Stay Healthy during COVID-19 lockdown

The COVID-19 lockdown is all about staying healthy. Feel free to enjoy the best fried chicken in Canada on occasion – we are still trading during the lockdown – but also be sure to take steps in both your diet and your daily routine to stay healthy during this period of [...]

Self-care ideas during lockdown

Church’s Chicken, home of the best fried chicken in Canada, is feeling the difficulties of the COVID-19 lockdown just like everybody else. This is a tough time that is making demands on all of us in pretty much every area of our lives. The hardest part of it is having to [...]

How to keep your kids safe during COVID-19

If your kids are craving the best fried chicken in Canada during the COVID-19 lockdown, Church’s Chicken has you covered. Aside from making sure they eat well, here are some things you can do to make sure you keep them safe. Assure them… and yourself It appears that COVID-19 doesn’t pose [...]

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