Fortunately, you can enjoy fried chicken in Toronto parks for an outdoor picnic, but social distancing of at least two metres from anyone outside your household or social circle is still required. Church’s Chicken would like you and your loved ones to be safe when outdoors, so keep the following suggestions in mind. 

Follow official guidelines

Research the official guidelines from the City of Toronto as well as provincial orders before going outdoors and follow them. Carry hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean in the event no running water is available and take your own bottled water in case anyone gets thirsty.  

Stay close to home 

Stay as close to home as possible to avoid unnecessary exposure and stress. Enjoy your backyard or go for a relaxed walk around the block, before choosing to visit a nearby park or trail where there might be a bigger crowd.

Avoid the crowds

During times of contagion, community spread is a concern, so choose to go to outdoor areas that might be less crowded. This might mean avoiding Toronto Island Park at the moment. If you do arrive at an outdoor destination and it is quite crowded, make the sensible choice and leave. 

Limit your touchpoints

Getting outdoors is a great stress reliever but it is important to limit your group to those in your immediate household. When you do your weekly shopping, include any snacks you might want for your outdoors trip to avoid stopping at shops on the way. Get to the trail, enjoy your hike and go straight home.  

If you can, wait before going outdoors

Chances of contracting an illness during an outbreak are greater when you leave home, so if you can, stay at home and plan your future trips. Think of where you want to go and research when these venues or parks might open. It will give you something to hold on to when the cabin fever gets too much.  

Church’s Chicken is safely serving you by cleaning and sanitizing our frequently touched surfaces regularly. Contact us today and give yourself the best fried chicken treat in Toronto to enjoy outdoors or indoors.