Clear your calendar! Why? Luminato, one of the greatest art festivals in North America, runs from June 6 to 24. You do not want to miss this spectacular event dedicated to performance, media and visual arts, hosted in Toronto. Whether you love going to the theatre, dancing your heart out, or expanding your mind… there is so much to see and do at Luminato.

As the name implies, Luminato is about light. It is thus not surprising that this global multi-art festival is about enlightenment, about a greater understanding of our shared humanity through exposure to myriad forms of art and culture.

Luminato began as David Pecaut’s dream that each year Toronto would invite the world to join in celebrating creativity. That dream was certainly realized: the entire world sends their best artists to Toronto’s Luminato; nearly 10,000 artists from 40 countries performing in front of a million spectators, from globetrotters, hometown heroes and night owls to adventurers. The scale is impressive as is the art!

Luminato is a hybrid of populist street fair and highbrow contemporary art; the festival seeks out creative innovators and the city welcomes them. Toronto’s spaces – an abandoned power plant, theaters, parks and less conventional spots – fill with music, theatre, dance, visual arts, literature, film and celebrations of all kinds. It is a boisterous festival sprawling all over the city – a perfect stage for something so extraordinary.

The program is designed so you can see more than one show in a day, and many in a week. On-site box offices open one hour before each performance. Some of the shows are by general admission. So, it pays to arrive early to ensure you and your friends can sit together. Here is a guide to help you choose the festival experience that suits you best:

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