New habits must be created during the lockdown to maintain a positive mindset. Fortunately, ordering your favorite fried chicken from Church’s Chicken in Vancouver has always been a good habit. If you want to transform your mindset during the lockdown, consider the following.

Develop a routine at home

Before lockdown, everyone had a routine. It is necessary to maintain a routine during lockdown at home as well. Choose regular times to eat, wake up and go to sleep.  Exercise consistently and start every day with something that makes you feel grounded such as meditation, journaling or reading.  A good night’s sleep is important for your mental and physical health. Maintain a regular bedtime routine, ensure your room is as quiet and dark as possible and avoid all types of screen time. 

Take a technology break

Technology is currently the only way to stay connected with loved ones, friends and colleagues. This means we spend even more time than usual with technology. A study in the journal Emotion highlights that teenagers who spend too much time with technology experience lower psychological well-being. Take a technology break by limiting the number of times you check social media or the news and have some fun with a board game or puzzle.

Be kind to yourself, it’s ok to have feelings

Be kind to yourself. It is normal to feel frustrated, angry, bored or anxious during these challenging times. If you live with other people, be open about your feelings and needs. Remember to take a few deep breaths before reacting to someone else’s negative behavior. Connecting with nature is soothing. Install a birdfeeder you can see from inside the house, spend some time in the garden or go for a run in the park if allowed. 

Consuming protein is necessary for good mental health and Church’s Chicken uses only local farm fresh chicken. We also safely serve you during these challenging times by requiring our staff to wash their hands and apply new disposable gloves regularly. Contact us today for the best fried chicken in Vancouver to treat yourself with during lockdown.