If you live in Toronto, there is only one place to be over the next few months right up until the 26th  of October. This summer festival brings you all the entertainment you could ever hope for – whatever rocks your boat! From Bollywood on a Boat and EDM boat parties to Toronto Boat Booze Cruise and Karaoke in the 6ix… This truly is where the party is at!

What is Pioneer Harbourfest 2019?

Pioneer Harbourfest is an exciting summer-long festival that you definitely won’t want to miss! From June 28th, the festival will boast around 200 public cruises, each boasting its own fun theme and promising the opportunity to make the most of the weather, day and night.

Where is the Pioneer Harbourfest?

The festival takes place at the Toronto Harbour. It is hosted on Pioneer Cruises in the heart of Toronto with tons of events every Thursday to Sunday as well as on special weekdays.


If you are a true party animal at heart, it will certainly be worth your while to purchase a season ticket. This essentially means that you will be able to hop on whatever cruise you want throughout the festival, as long as you reserve your place. However, it is also possible to purchase tickets for specifically  themed cruises that take your fancy. This will be a more cost-effective option if you will not be able to attend multiple cruises.

What Is on in September?

September is one of the most jam-packed months of Pioneer Harbourfest 2019. Some of the exciting cruises set to take place include a Girls’ Night Booze Cruise, an EDM Boat Party and a number of standard Booze Cruises stretching right through the month.

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