If your kids are craving the best fried chicken in Canada during the COVID-19 lockdown, Church’s Chicken has you covered. Aside from making sure they eat well, here are some things you can do to make sure you keep them safe.

Assure them… and yourself

It appears that COVID-19 doesn’t pose much of a threat of serious disease in healthy children. Youngsters – provided their systems are in good shape – are at the lowest risk from the virus. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions, but it also means that you and your kids can steer clear of panic and fear, which only makes things worse.

Make sure they wash their hands

As a parent of young children, hand washing is either something you have already successfully drilled into them, or something you are still struggling to get them to grasp. Hand washing is one of the most important precautions in this crisis. Make sure that your kids wash their hands before and after every meal, as well as after coming into contact with any frequently touched surface.

Be strict with social distancing

Younger kids may not understand why they can’t go to the park or visit their friends, so you need to make it clear why this is so important. Keep them at home as much as possible and rather don’t let them come out with you when you go to get groceries. It’s best for only one person from your household to leave the house for essentials, and kids should stay home well clear of any of the possibly contaminated objects and surfaces that could encounter outside of your property.

Church’s Chicken’s in-house dining facilities are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but our delivery, takeout and drive-through options are still available for your convenience. So keep on enjoying the best fried chicken in Canada. Contact us for more information