We don’t know how long COVID-19 is going to keep us indoors. Aside from still being able to enjoy the best fried chicken in Toronto, but you can make the most of this time to get things done, learn something new and keep in shape. Here are five things you can do to pass the time productively.

Learn a new skill

Have you been meaning to learn a new language for years but never found the time? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to upskill yourself professionally by learning how to use a new software package or some other tool. Maybe there’s an online course you’ve been wanting to do or started but never got around to finishing. There’s no time like the present!

Get or stay in shape

Whether you’re a dedicated gym addict or a couch potato, there are plenty of home programs you can use to get or stay in shape. Check out YouTube or Google and you will find that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to exercise programs, ranging from beginner level to advanced calisthenic mass building. Pick your level and set time aside for fitness every day. You’ll thank yourself when you emerge from this pandemic stronger and healthier than you were before.

Do some reading

Is there a pile of books that you’ve been wanting to get started on? Or haven’t you read a book in years? Either way, now is a great time to feed your brain with a great read or two. Novels, self-help, business advice, biographies – an entire world is waiting for you.

Hit that backlog

You probably have work that you’ve been putting off for ages. Use the extra hours at your disposal to get it done. It could be work for your business, or odd jobs around the house. You are unlikely to get another opportunity like this to motor through that backlog.

Spend quality time

While you’re confined to the house with your loved ones, take the time to connect or reconnect with them. There are probably activities you used to do together that have lapsed now because you never have the time. Go back to these and get to know each other again.

Please note that Church’s Chicken’s takeout, delivery and drive-through facilities are still available for your convenience during this time, although we are closed for in-house dining for now. So you can still get the best fried chicken in Canada. Enjoy and stay safe!