Family Day is set to take place on February 17th in Toronto, New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Family day was established to create a day for people to spend with their families, and it also provides an extra day off between New Year’s Day and Good Friday. It is not a statutory holiday and, therefore, all federal employees work on the day.

What to Do on Family Day 2020

There are many city-run events on February 17th for Family Day, including at High Park and Riverdale Farm. You and your loved ones could also opt to visit one of the museums in Toronto or participate in recreation activities in your community. The weather is great for winter activities such as skating, skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing.

Here is a list of a few other activities you, your family and friends can join in on Family Day:

The Valentines Explosion IV

This dancing marathon starts on February 17th at the Luanda House on Bloor Street in West Toronto. Find out more here.


Echosmith will perform at The Mod Club in Toronto on February 17th. Read more here.

Late Mic Toronto

This popular comedy show is set to take place on February 17th at The Ossington. Book your spot here.

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