Church’s Chicken, home of the best fried chicken in Canada, is feeling the difficulties of the COVID-19 lockdown just like everybody else. This is a tough time that is making demands on all of us in pretty much every area of our lives. The hardest part of it is having to stay home all day and maintain a decent, productive routine. We all need to establish good, mindful habits to keep us healthy and happy during lockdown. Here are five easy but important actions you can take to care for yourself during this time.

Draw boundaries between work time and free time

Many people are working from home now, which presents us with a great deal of personal freedom which we wouldn’t have at the office, but also removes the guiding structures that keep us productive in the office setting. One thing that is very common when people move into home work settings is that they struggle to draw a line between work and personal time because both are taking place in the same space. It’s important for your mental wellbeing that you draw that line. Set your working hours – perhaps you want to maintain your regular times that you established when working at the office and maintain them. Then make sure that you don’t work outside of those times. It is very important to maintain a work-life balance.

Establish a routine and stick to it

As well as setting a work-life balance, you need to also establish a daily routine that can give structure to your day. Get up at set times, eat your meals at consistent times and divide your tasks across the hours available to you. Routine is very important – it maintains a sense of purpose and productivity.

Get comfortable in your own company

Many people are afraid to spend time alone, which can make self-isolation very daunting. Many of us have no choice but to be alone during the lockdown, so the thing to do is to learn to enjoy our own company. This is an opportunity to practise mindfulness and meditation, and learn to appreciate spending time with your own thoughts.

Stay active

It’s very important to exercise and keep your body fit and active while you’re confined to your home. You don’t necessarily need equipment to do this. Check out YouTube for the many bodyweight exercises you can do. Even if you don’t want to do heavy exercise, just take regular walks around your yard or the neighbourhood, if you’re allowed to.

Consume a bare minimum of news and social media

There is nothing wrong with staying up to date with the latest news regarding the pandemic, but if you spend too much time listening to news or reading opinions on social media, it can tend to arouse negative feelings. It is best to avoid it, except for daily updates and occupy yourself with things that really matter to you and that keep in you in a stable and happy state of mind.

Please note that Church’s Chicken’s takeout, delivery and drive-through facilities are still available for your convenience during lockdown, although we are closed for in-house dining for now. So you can still get the best fried chicken in Canada. Enjoy and stay safe!