The COVID-19 lockdown is all about staying healthy. Feel free to enjoy the best fried chicken in Canada on occasion – we are still trading during the lockdown – but also be sure to take steps in both your diet and your daily routine to stay healthy during this period of isolation.

Watch your diet

You still have access to all kinds of great foods despite the lockdown and, since there is a serious virus going around out there, it is more important than ever that you feed your body with foods that keep you strong and healthy. Maintain a balanced diet and take the time to get mindful about the food you eat. It’s okay to treat yourself to occasional indulgence, but mostly, you need to treat food as fuel that sustains you and enhances your health and immune system. Choose wisely.

Keep moving

We cannot overstress the importance of staying active during the lockdown. It’s not only good for your physical health, but your mental health as well. It doesn’t have to be a heavy workout routine; you can take a walk every day or you can spend some time playing in the yard with the kids. If you choose to go for a more rigorous regimen, there are plenty of home workout videos and guides available online.

Look after you mental health

Health isn’t only about your physical wellbeing. You also need to keep your mind in a strong and positive state. Occupy yourself with things that keep you happy and positive. Read and watch content that doesn’t bring you down, and steer clear of news and social media, aside from the minimum required to stay up to date with the pandemic.

Please note that Church’s Chicken’s takeout, delivery and drive-through facilities are still available for your convenience during the lockdown, although we are closed for in-house dining for now. So you can still get the best fried chicken in Canada. Enjoy and stay safe!