An unauthorized exhibition featuring the work of British graffiti artist Banksy, curated by his former agent Steve Lazarides, is being presented in Toronto. Banksy is one of the most mystifying cultural icons of our times: he is regarded as a political street-art warrior, his identity remains a secret, he does not appear in public, and only very rarely gives (telephonic) interviews. Ironically, his insistence on anonymity has turned him into one of the most renowned graffiti artists of the street art movement, making him a darling of celebrity buyers who trade his work for millions.

The Toronto exhibition, which will show more than 80 pieces worth 35 million Canadian dollar, is billed as the largest Banksy exhibit ever assembled. Among the pieces are the famous “Girl and Balloon” and the controversial “Laugh Now” paintings.  The art-exhibit is unique in that it retained the motifs and techniques from his outdoor work, with the important difference that they were created with the intention of being viewed in the context of an exhibition.

No surprise then that Steve Lazarides, curator of the exhibition, said in a statement, “This is a one of a kind exhibition – you will never again have the opportunity to see so many works in one place.”

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in Toronto – grab your tickets online at or directly from the box office on the day of the exhibit.

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