Toronto is subject to a Stay-at-Home order and opening up gradually. A bucket of your favorite fried chicken and a carefully paired beverage are sure to help you get through the lockdown with a smile on your face.

Adult Beverages with Fried Chicken

Note that the legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 years of age.

One advantage of staying in is that your liquor cabinet is now your personal bar. The drinks on offer are perfectly suited to your taste, the prices are great, and you do not have to find your way home. The service, however, may be a bit slow!

The go-to pairing for just about all chicken meals is white wine. A good rule of thumb is that white meat such as chicken breasts or tenders go well with the likes of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Darker chicken meat such as legs, thighs, and wings pairs well with medium-bodied red wines like Pinot Noir or Zinfandel.

Get things popping by complementing crispy fried chicken with the fizziness of Champagne and sparkling wine. Or try a crisp gin and tonic for an equally effervescent match. Sake with fried chicken is unconventional but delicious. Opt for a crisp and lightly sweet sake to balance the saltiness and cut the greasiness.


If your fried chicken is in a burger or wrap, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir wines are light-bodied but by no means delicate. Burgers tend to be visualized with beer – but go for a lighter-bodied option that leans toward the toasted caramel flavors of malt.

If you like to crank up the heat, spicy dishes such as hot wings or Tex-Mex chicken are ideally accompanied with wines that are light, dry, and fruity, with high acidity. Think a bubbly Champagne, the green apple notes of a light German Riesling, or the fragrant dryness of Gewurztraminer.

Another great combination is the floral bitterness of an Indian Pale Ale that complements (or soothes, if necessary) the burn of spicy chicken dishes.

Fried Chicken Toronto

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