June 20th is Father’s Day. We can think of no better way to spoil Dad than with a meal of his favorite fried chicken from Church’s Texas Chicken.

A Bit About Fried Chicken

Did you know that chicken is the most popular type of meat among in Canadian consumers – consuming almost 80 pounds of chicken each in 2019? By far the most delicious chicken dish is crispy fried chicken and a side of your choice.

Although Texans like to take credit for inventing fried chicken, it was in fact the Scottish. Considering their love of deep frying everything, Mars bars included, it makes sense that they would spurn baked or boiled chicken. Scottish immigrants took the dish across the pond with them as they settled in Virginia, the Carolinas, and other areas of the American South at the end of the 18th century.

Bearing in mind that the Scotts are ribbed for being frugal, they tended to eat their fried chicken without any seasoning.

During the antebellum years (1830 – 1860), African slaves kept chickens that they fried up on special occasions – adding their own seasoning mixes to enhance the previously bland dish.

Tucking into a fried chicken combo, Tex sampler, or crunchy chicken burger turns every day into a special occasion. But prior to WWII, fried chicken was saved for special occasions and holidays.

One of the reasons for this is because only young spring chickens were suitable for frying. Older birds were tougher, needing a slow cook at lower temperatures to soften the meat. Luckily for us, chickens found in modern-day supermarkets have been bred to be good for all types of cooking.


There are variations of fried chicken to be found all over the world:

  • Korea fries its chicken twice to make it extra crispy and serves it with spicy gochujang sauce while Taiwanese fried chicken is sprinkled with salt, pepper, and chili powder. Japanese chicken karaage is cut into small pieces and fried in potato starch similar to tempura.
  • Thailand uses an extra spicy marinade and  Indonesian’s ayam goreng  is coated with lemongrass, turmeric, and garlic and fried in coconut oil, while Senegal chicken is coated in peanut flour.

Fried Chicken Vancouver

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