The  PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is set to take place from January 21st to February 9th at various venues in Vancouver. The event is free and open to the public, and it is one of the city’s signature events. Here are some of the groundbreaking, genre-bending and multi-disciplined performing arts events that you can attend in February:

Ursula Martinez

Uncouth, uncensored and… undressed? Ursula Martinez gets personal, political and philosophical in this soul-baring solo performance. Call it a monologue with a meta twist. Though it’s honest and unsparing, this show comes with a commentary on its own limits, and on the politics of spectacle.

When and where?

February 1st at 8:30 pm and February 2nd at 4 pm at the Scotiabank Dance Centre.

High Water

In this playful, resourceful performance, one solitary soul uses consumer products to build entire worlds inside a fish tank, working on the spot against a rising horizon of water. Small in scale, but vast in its implications, High Water is not only a testament to human creativity, but also a shrewd commentary on its dangers.

When and Where?

February 1st to 2nd at 11 am and 4 pm,

February 3rd to 4th at 10 am and 12:30 pm, and

February 5th at 6 pm at The Nest.


Drag innovator Pearle Harbour comes for the kill with this tragicomic cabaret concert. Featuring reenactments, renditions, stories, tirades and more, Agit-Pop! is a mixtape of bangers fashioned from years of live performance and clubs, theatres, karaoke bars and drag shows across the nation.

When and Where?

February 1st at 8 pm at Central Studios.

Jaha Koo

Jaha Koo folds 20 years of South Korean history into this bittersweet narrative. An economic disaster and its ripple effects are conveyed in an onstage performance by the artist and some very special companions: a group of talking rice cookers.

When and where?

February 3rd  to 5th at 8 pm at the Waterfront Theatre.

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