Fried chicken for Christmas? Why not?

Everyone loves a Christmas feast; it’s one of the best parts of the season. There are few things that beat the traditional Christmas fare: the turkey, the stuffing and all the trimmings – this is what most English-speaking countries have eaten on 25 December for generations. You probably still enjoy a Christmas meal very much like your parents, grandparents and their parents, etc. have always eaten. That’s great, but this year, why not shake things up with a tradition of a different kind?

Do you know what the Japanese eat on Christmas day? It’s a little known fact for most Westerners, but ever since the 1970s, millions of people in Japan have celebrated Christmas with – you probably guessed it – fried chicken! A PR representative at a well-known fast-food chain once overheard foreign customers talking about how they missed their turkey at Christmas. He quickly proposed his company’s fried chicken as a substitute, and an effective marketing campaign soon turned the idea into a nationwide tradition – one that has stuck for over thirty years. Sounds good to us!

Celebrate Christmas with Toronto’s finest Fried Chicken

Why not do Christmas Japanese style this year? Not only is it delicious, but it will also allow you to take a break from all the preparations this year. Less time spent slaving away in the kitchen means more time to spend relaxing with the family. When it comes to fried chicken in Toronto, there’s only one place you should go: all you have to do is contact Church’s Chicken and place your order. Our delivery, drive-through and takeout services are all open, even during COVID-19 restrictions. Celebrate Christmas with us this year by treating yourself to the best fried chicken in Toronto.