The Vancouver Asian Film Festival is a festival to celebrate the diversity of culture in the Asian community. The festival presents films from around the world selected from the best of Asian, North-American Asian, and Asian film talent. Along with its glitz and glamour, the film festival is an entertaining and memorable event for one to experience.

The Vancouver Asian Film Festival takes place from 1 to 4 November. It was founded in 1995, though it first debuted in September 1997. It will take place at the Cineplex Odeon International Village, 88 West Pender Street. It gives the public and the film industry a chance to engage in, and support the rise of Asian influence in film and media around the world. The festival is a grand event to bring the world together and to give North American Asian actors a chance to shape mainstream culture in a positive way.

The exciting festival can attract up to 4,000 audience members over its four-day duration and reaches many more via traditional and social media throughout the year. It is organized by dedicated volunteers and is funded with generous financial support from sponsors.

The top-notch entertainment during the festival includes an opening night film, Canadian spotlight, centrepiece spotlight and closing night film programs. Watch only the best series, documents and film shorts from talented actors, creative directors and film producers.

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